Friday, September 18, 2009

Writing a Plot

Here is one way I learnt how to write a plot using the situation method. Come up with an idea then start branching out by asking questions to lead the story forward. For each why? come up with at least 4 different directions you could take the story along and path. Then choose the one you like best and ask why? again and come up with 4 directions again. Here is an example of how I did it below.
IDEA - Lanie, a single mum, is looking for a way out of her job as an exoticdancer at a leading night club.
WHY - She has had enough of being used and abused by male patrons at her work.
WHY - They see her as nothing more than an object rather than a person.
WHY - Lanie blames her parets for exposing her to this underground life, ofpleasing men, from such a young age, just to bring money in to her poor family.
AND SO? - She starts chatting to a well groomed businessman called Paul.Together they try to overcome the obstacles in their way; hindering Lanie'schances of leaving the club.
FINALLY - Lanie, and her little boy are taken under Paul's wing to start a newlife, love and a new job.
Excerpt -Lanie sat hunched over her dressing-table, her twenty year old body exhausted.She propped up her head with her left hand, as she starred at herself in the mirror. Her hair had been pulled out of its neat style and her lipstick had gone feathery and dull. Lanie's costume had unraveled at the seam on her left hip, like someone had tried to rip her clothes off. It was just another ordinary night at the club, with intoxicated men draping over her, groping, and verbally throwing abuse at her. Lanie had, had enough of being used and abused by these male patrons. Lanie peered over to the corner of her small room. There, on her bed, lay her three year old son Taylor; curled up fast asleep with the covers pulled up around him. She really needed to leave and find a new job to create a better life for herself and her son; but the boy's father was going pose a problem, he was the night club owner.

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