Thursday, September 17, 2009

Writing Pause

Over the last week writing has been very limited and only managed a little bit on Monday night as I was in hospital with my youngest son of 9 months old. Poor little thing had been having respiratory problems. So I'm having a pause. I am still jotting notes down for now and hopefully things improve for my little one and I'll begin writing again properly.
It's these little insidences in your life that tend to make you go off the rails if you let it. I must admit its been a pretty shakey few days but I'm crossing my fingers that my little Paddy gets better soon. During this time I've put down one pen and picked up another and have written about our poor little man's ordeal at the hospital. I guess it helps me understand everything and possibly use something similar in a story as it makes it easier to write about if you've experienced such a thing and the feelings you right down are real.
I love my boys to bits and my darkest fear is if something should happen to them. I'm a bit of a protective mother, I can't help that. I guess in time I'll learn to let go bit by bit so they get to experience their own down things in life.
My current writing exercise has been about writing styles. From natural - your own personal style to simple and obstructive. Writing a half page story about a child in a park and then re writing in simple and obstructive styles. This has really opened my eyes up as I never new about writing styles. It's been an interesting exercise.

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