Monday, October 26, 2009

Believe In Yourself

Limitations can either define us or give us a challenge to outwit. When you look at your abilities, do you see boundaries and limits, or do you see possibilities and potential? Obsessing about weaknesses can blind us to the untapped abilities we already have. You have talent. Everyone does. The secret to success is to find that talent, develop it and push it as far as you can. Grandma Moses might have been a lousy bowler, Einstein probably couldn't sing a lick, Michelangelo could've been unable to speak well in public. So what? They knew what they were good at and rode that pony. Your talent might be right in front of you: where do you get the most compliments? What seems to come easily to you? What do people ask your advice for? Live there. Don't let the rest get in the way.
How true is this?
It's something that I've been thinking about lately and have recently opened up my options. I just hope that some day those around me can respect me for who I am and that I can be a writer too.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Writing while on holidays

School holidays are in full swing in Adelaide, so we decided to go interstate for our holidays. Crossing the border into Victoria our family went to the Grampians - Halls Gap. Our family loves camping and I find being outdoors rather calming when I write. So while the two older kids went hiking with their Dad to the Pinnacles and back I stayed back with our youngest hoping he'd have some sleep; so I sat listening to birds around us and saw a few kangaroos hopping by.

To me writing while away was still important to keep the flow going and motivation up. Even just writing 100 words a day. Over the five days I squeezed out 1000 words. I wrote about our time away just to keep words pouring out.

Also I've been working on a few articles through Hubpages and oDesk to add to the family income while working on my novel and being a stay at home mum. Anyone interested in writing and being paid have a look at oDesk its FREE to join if looking for work.