Saturday, September 19, 2009

Writing Goals

Being a writer is also about setting goals for yourself. Small achieveable goals along the way leading up to your ultimate goal. Set yourself writing targets to keep yourself motivated. One that I've learnt is to try and write approx 1667 words per day or 2273 words if you take a break over the weekend. It doesn't matter if its just babble or you're writing your novel. Any writing will help improve your skills.
I'd like to aim for 2273 myself whether taking a break over the weekend or not. But by doing this every day for 30 days you'll hit a target around 50,000 words.
Have a fellow writer do goal setting with you and both set word counts for each day. It doesn't matter if one is more than the other. The only thing that matters is that you reach your target.
Once you've reached you daily targets, don't forget to reward yourself. Same goes for the end of the month when you reach 50,000 words, got treat yourself.
I propose to any other writer out there that would like to do some goal setting with me to either email me or respond in the post and we'll set some targets to achieve.

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