Saturday, September 12, 2009

Quote By Rob Parnell

'Believe in what you do. Be confident that you're not wasting your time. Maintain your vision and see where it leads you.'
I found this quote in one of Rob Parnell's articles called Write Intensions. An absolute wealth of information. You can find his website here and sign up to his free newsletters.
Try reading this quote each day and trust yourself.
I've had various negative views about what I'm doing whether I was about how I should give birth to my 3rd baby to what I'm currently writing. I find if you let negativity in, it may creep into your work. That's why when I saw this quote, I instantly related to it.
My journey becoming a writer, has only just begun and at every turn, I learn something new.
I've learnt not to talk about my goals, directions or decisions as to why, to those people that aren't supportive of what I am doing at the time.
With most things, do your research, know your limitations, believe in yourself and go for it.
This is something that I'll strive for everytime.

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