Thursday, April 29, 2010

Poem - Rivalry of Dreams

While the sun shines brightly,
dark clouds rain in my heart.
The profound guilt I hold,
created by your harsh spoken words - cut me.
The ties that once held us together,
now flap clarelessly in the wind.

My threat to you is unjustified,
and I bare you no ill will.
I only wanted us to succeed together,
not start a war of decay.
Family means so much to me,
and so I hope it does for you.

Your dreams are still intact,
they have not been stolen or taken away.
Your ultimate day will come,
and although your journey towards them,
seems like all eternity.
It will all be worth it in the end.

So now leaves the question,
of where I stand with you.
Will you take my hand
and chase away the rain?
Or will you be content on
creating thunder to destroy
whatever we had left?

I hope some day that you will come around
and perhaps we could share a moment
Of the friendship we once had as sisters,
and bask in the glory,
of success together
I love you, and miss you...

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