Thursday, April 22, 2010

Poem - Empowering Birth

You grip my insides,
and I embrace the pain
It's time to go
and head for the nearest exit.
Squirming and turning,
Trying to make your way out.

With each push
my body gives way,
as you etch towards the light
I block out the pain
and tune in to you
As we work together.

From deep within
my focus is you
And our natural instincts
of sheer determination
explodes as you enter my world
And in to my outstretched arms.

I am deeply moved
By your powers
and your all knowing senses
as you turn in to me
Your search for my breast
until you reach your satisfaction.

You are so tiny
and such a miracle
I count your fingers and toes
and watch you in complete ore
You know who I am
as you reach from my hand.

I kiss your fingers
and stroke your face
as the happy tears
Drift down my cheeks
How proud I am of us
and the empowering birth we shared.

I love you, little one
with all my heart
and all my soul
I will guide you
and protect you
All the days of my life.

By Lea
22nd April, 2010

A journey of a mother and their child through birth.

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