Thursday, August 13, 2009

Taking Notes

Some advice that was past onto me - take notes. Have a little note book with you in your bag so that where ever you go and you have an idea that springs to mind jot it down. I have found leaving it up to " I'll remember it later" just doesn't work with me. I forget. It's disappointing when you have a great idea or thought of a direction in your story that you did not write it down.
Now when I go out even when just going down the street to the local mall I'd sit at a cafe with my youngest son Patrick I jot down a few lines that are playing in my mind at the time. I find it relaxing without pressure sitting in the mall sipping a hot coffee on a cool wintery day. It somehow brings forward these ideas. I find it a great way to ease writer's block. It breaks the mood from home and fuels new ideas from the people around me going about their everyday lives. Sometimes what people are wearing give me ideas for my characters style. Watching workers go about their duties in their jobs and how they respond to customers.
These are some of the things that I take note of and write down. It doesn't have to always relate to the current book you are writing. Put it aside and bring it out to read it again when you start your next book and see if it fits with the plot.
When taking notes I put them in point formation. Ideas to add and elaborate on when I go back to the story. I find writing these points the words just flood out of me and onto paper. Give it ago and see if it works for you.

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