Monday, August 3, 2009

Forever Young - Current Projects

For the friends that know already I am still working on my current novel
Forever Young
Here is a snippet of what it's about.
Inara’s boyfriend Logan becomes a blood sucking vampire after being attacked by a Coven of vampires.

Thinking that a night out with friends at the Bay Carnival was just what she needed and an opportunity to spend more time with Logan. She did not expect the turn of events that followed.

Logan and Inara become separated during the vicious attacks by the vampires. Logan hides Inara safely before running to his own safety. Logan is hunted down and tortured by the Coven before he is dragged away barely alive. The Coven decided they need a new member and proceed with Logan’s transformation.

After a few weeks of total despair Inara catches a glimpse of what she thinks is Logan. He approaches her; Inara thinks she’s seeing a ghost by his pale complexion.
Logan insists he is real but not the same as before. He explains to her about that fateful night and how he will never age. Inara is elated he’s alive but fearful of who he has become at the same time; she fears he could turn on her at any moment.

Inara is completely torn between that of her heart and love for Logan and the fact that he’s a vampire. She realizes that she has a huge decision to make.
Inara weighs up the depth of her relationship with Logan but worries if their love can stand such a test or will jealousy take over if she decides to move on.

She finds comfort in Will and he’s more than willing to catch Inara on the rebound and asks her to be his date for the senior dance.

Logan’s heartache sends him into a tailspin of jealousy and plots out a way to sabotage the budding relationship with Will.

Lea Bristow Copyright © June 2009

I'm also working on a short story called Essence of a Mother as she goes through childbirth without drugs. I'll be sure to put some more snippets up soon.

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  1. This sounds wonderful! I would be very interested in reviewing this when you have it done.