Sunday, August 30, 2009

Next Chapter

I'm still working on Forever Young but every now and then another storyline enters my mind that is out of place for my latest story so I've been jotting down notes profusely. Once an idea presents itself I spill pages of information. I'll be sure to lt you know at a later date about this story.
For now here is a

Sneak Peek

I'm now entering chapter 7 - The Funeral - Where Inara finds herself in hospital at the beginning wrapped up in an argument with her parents about Tia missing. It's all Inara needs right now especially knowing that she was undoubtedly spared from near death herself. She understands the panic her parents are feeling but are unwilling to listen to her story.

Inara is unaware of the fate of her friends from the Fun House at the Bay whether they survived or perished at the hands of Tia and Eve.

Soon after Inara leaves hospital a few days later she attends the funeral of her dear friends who died that fateful night at the carnival.
As everyone is starting to leave from the funeral, Inara is pulled away behind a smaller building by a familiar face. Has the events at the carnival about to repeat themselves or has an old friend returned as an ally?
Lea Bristow Copyright © August 2009

Stay tuned!

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