Friday, August 7, 2009

Run's in the Family

Quite funny yesterday while having a conversation with Hayden and Mitch. They've asked me to write a story with them. Hayden wants to be a Superhero and Mitch a Werewolf. So I'll have a crack at that with them. I'm quite impressed with Hayden's imagination and creation of who he wants to be and what his character can do.
Mitch wants his character to be a young Werewolf that is thrown in the deep end at just 5yrs old and has to look after and protect his Mum. I thought it was very sweet.
Both ideas coming from the boys themselves. It will be a challenge I will take pride in.
Hayden loves writing long letters to his Gran and long stories about what he enjoys doing during the holidays. He wrote his first story when he was in Kindy as homework when we were away. It was about a boy called Daniel and his teddy. I'll have to dig it out and put it in a my special album.
Does any of your kids have a talent that runs in the family? If so share it with us here.

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