Friday, July 24, 2009

Poetry - Goodbye

So we see you’re leaving,
but again we’ll see your face.
Maybe distant, maybe closer,
ere we leave this place.

I’ll return to what I was,
before I know your name.
A shadow on the borderlands
as I was when I first came.

You’ll suffer less from parting,
than those you leave behind,
For all we have is a thing to lose,
but you’ve a thing to gain.

Our cheeks will run an ocean,
our eyes will glow as coals.
And nothing but much numbing time,
will bridge the gap in our souls.

We’ll miss your speech, your voice,
your thoughts, your truths, your lies.
And the sum of human kindness,
shining deep down in your eyes.

Time rolls on quickly past us,
to stay it, we have fought
But the time of your leaving approaches,
our efforts are for naught.

I’m not glad you’re leaving,
and I dread the final hour
But I want to make the most of a bad thing,
bittersweet is better than sour.

And the pain that comes with passing,
will seep slowly from my brain.
And only the best times that we had,
will stand tall and remain.

And in the future you’ll remember,
as you gaze upon this line.
Us the specters of your past
shrouched in the mists of time.

We hope that you’ll be happy
in your where and in your when.
And we all hope that you’ll keep safe
and that we’ll meet again.

Lea Bristow Copyright © 1994 - 2009

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