Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Writing

What better time of year to start writing.
December comes alive with festive decorations, kids laughing, Santa visits, Snow in some parts of the world where here in Australia some parts are actually quite hot and its perfect for those beach and pool parties to cool off during this time.

Write about your thoughts on Christmas, what it means to you and perhaps what traditions you partake in. Write a short story about how excited the kids are when they see their presents. Write notes about preparing for Christmas and what you do before everyone arrives. Or perhaps write a recollection of the day and keep it as a wonderful memory of how you celebrated Christmas this year.

Whatever you write about this festive season, jot some notes down to work on later, but most of all write from the heart this Christmas, you'll be amazed how much pours out onto the page.

To All my Followers,
I'd like to wish you a very Merry Christmas
and a Safe & Happy New Year.
I look forward to continuing my updates,
tips and little inspirations for you in the New Year.
From Friday I'll be on leave and will return to this blog early in the New Year.
But feel free explore my blog and leave comments if you wish.
I do enjoy feedback and little notes.
Take Care


Lea Bristow


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